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Kiara Reju is a skin booster based on PDRN(polydeoxyribomucleotide), hyaluronic acid(HA) and niacin-amide.  PDRN is a strong anti-aging agent tha..
Premium quality Cannula PDO Threads manufactured by CNG Co Ltd., South Korea, under brand name Minerva. PDO is commonly known as a product t..
Miracle L is for collagen rejuvenation(lifting). The main ingredient Polycaprolactone, diminishes facial wrinkles by restoring the underlyin..
Miracle H  is for collagen rejuvenation(lifting) and skin hydration. PCL + HA Contains solubilized PCL and 1% of non cross-linked HA.&n..
HyaFilia Classic Plus is ideal HA concentration of 20mg/ml and average grain size of 500µm, it can be safely used for the minimally-invasive corr..
Dermaheal HL is a unique mesococktail whose action is aimed at improving the condition of the scalp and hair. Dermaheal HL helps restore hair gro..
Dermaheal HSR - Hyaluronic Acid Skin Rejuvenation, is a product designed to combat acne and black spots. It differs from other drugs by..
Neuramis Deep is a new, faster and safer way to visibly reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and facial folds. With its 99% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Neu..
A box of Lipo Lab PPC Solution - painless elimination of fat.  Lipo Lab PPC Solution is one of the most efficient products in Non-surgi..
Hyaron — intensive skin soothing and moisturizing skin booster. Manufactured in South Korea,  Hyaron is valued by beauty specialists for its abil..
HyaFilia Medam Prime, previously known HyaFilia Classic, is hyaluronic acid filler gel fo Hyaluron Pen. Medam Prime(Hyafilia Classic) has an idea..