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Curenex Skin Booster

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Curenex Skin Booster
Curenex Skin Booster
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Miracle of PDRN! NEW salmon ampoule! Multi-solution of PDRN & 15 multi-peptides.


"Curenex" is not only a temporary improvement by making the skin source itself solid

It is a new concept multi solution that regenerates vital and healthy skin.

The optimal content of PDRN, multi-peptide, hyaluronic acid, and glutathione is the key ingredient

The main ingredient of Curenex, PDRN


Curenex uses polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) DNA extracted from salmon DNA

As a chain, the natural skin regeneration effect is considerable, and it will keep you on the skin for a while.

Dezain DNA Extract is compatible with human skin, is a revolutionary new material that can regenerate skin and restore skin age.


And PDRN is an important raw material that binds to specific cells and helps cell growth and inflammation relief.

It increases density of dermal tissue and is excellent for cell regeneration.

Expiration: September 2024

Content: A box( 5 vial x 5ml)

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