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Curenex Snow Peel

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Curenex Snow Peel
Curenex Snow Peel
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CURENEX SNOW PEEL stimulates skin cells to boost skin metabolism and microcirculation. Also it utilizes an innovative peeling technique that simultaneously removes dead skin cells and rejuvenates skin. The active ingredients in the Curenex Snowpeel activator such as PDRN, Multi peptide complex, penetrate skin for fibroblast reactivation.Glutathione and Niacinamide in the Curenex Snowpeel activator help remove free radical and inhibits the activity of the ingredients that make melanin pigments.

Manufacturer: K Derma Inc

Made in South Korea.

Content(A box): 4 x 1g Snow Peel Powder and 1 x 30ml  Snowpeel Activator.